Last November was a perfect time to change my routine at the Naples Botanical Garden and pay a visit the butterfly house. The morning temperatures had remained hot and there weren’t many people because the “season” hadn’t started. No one was there when I arrived so I was able to use my tripod. The rule is no tripods because of the narrow walking path through the butterfly-friendly plants – but gee wiz, no one was there to be tripped and as soon as someone walked in I folded up the tripod.

Please enjoy the fruits of my law-breaking – but please don’t fall.



Textures: Brought to you by Nature and a “Down Dirt Roads” photographer.

In response to The Daily Post prompt for photographers.



20141219-DSC_0002Ooh, the temperatures are due to drop here in the Midwest this coming week. After six weeks of using more pain medications while still moving stiffly, and starting to pull into myself for hibernation because I don’t want to go out the door, I think it is time to seek a new environment. Good thing we have already checked in for our flight to southern Florida in the morning.

botanical garden 051I am so very ready to shed the layers of clothes I have been wearing and feel the sun on my skin. Sometimes I need some new in my life and this is the time.

botanical garden 175

After six weeks of seeing images of Michigan countryside in winter without snow (can you hear the pout?) you will now be treated to the images I am able to capture of tropical flowers and the wading birds that are wintering just as I am.

Cheers to starting a new year in a new environment.

This blog was inspired by Michelle of Daily Post fame, one of the wonderful people who give us great ideas for creating new posts. The new word this week is new.

Botanical Gardens: Butterflies

I do believe there were as many butterflies flying freely in the Children’s Garden as there were in the butterfly house yesterday at the Naples Botanical Garden. I get a lot of satisfaction from getting good images of butterflies flying freely because they don’t like people getting too close and they flit around a lot. Yesterday was a fun butterfly day – here are my favorites.

botanical garden 206 botanical garden 213 botanical garden 196