A Field of Wild Flowers


It was intoxicating. I had immediate sensory overload. While driving down dirt roads yesterday, we happened upon a field of wild flowers – about 3/4 acre of color.

I hardly waited for Julie to bring the car to a full stop before I jumped out. And then I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to capture a field of tiny dots of color bouncing in the wind. I didn’t know where to start – so I started clicking and moving and changing depth of field. I took landscapes, I took macros, and found beautiful combinations of flowers. I took them all.20150730-DSC_0072I learned a great deal – as I always do when I am stuck and have to experiment. I wish I could go back but I think we would have a hard time finding it because when we wonder, we only know our approximate location. In other words we are temporarily lost.

The good news is that you and I can get lost together in my field of wild flowers as you enter my gallery.

Beauty thru my Lens: Yellow Orchid

botanital gardens 007-2

I was really excited about my first trip to the Naples Botanical Garden when it opened for the season. Over the summer they had finished construction of their new entrance, a restaurant, and several new gardens.

One new garden was an orchid garden. What fun I have had finding ways to best capture the unique personality of the many beauties they have growing.

I will be slow in sharing them because I am finding that most of the photos I take home don’t make the cut. But what fun to know that I can return to try again and look for new blooms coming into season.botanical gardens 025-2