Trying to Make Them B&W


I know how to turn my photographs into black and white, but I need to make my mind want to do black and white. I have nothing against the colorless mode and have really enjoyed viewing other photographers’ works in black and white. But when I make an image of the world, I don’t want to see it in black and white when there are so many colors hitting my retina and lighting up my brain. I even like the image of this boat, taken on the southern shore of Nova Scotia.

But the color is so much more interesting.


I have spent a considerable amount of time post editing each image and then just looking at them, enjoying them. But I seem to linger over the colored image a little longer. That is how they have studied preference and recognition in infants, by measuring how long they gaze at something.

I would really appreciate hearing from all you photographers and those of you who enjoy photography to give me some feedback. Tell me which one you prefer and why. If you love black and white, share with me your thoughts of why this image does or doesn’t work. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

It’s All About Boats

Dry-docked fixer-upper.

Dry-docked fixer-upper.

We took a peek around the Crescent City harbor in Northern California one foggy, grey, thick morning. This is a city connected to the ocean so there were lots of images of nautical life waiting for me to capture – poor lighting and all.

The Sunday Stills prompts is boats so if you have a shot or two of boats, please join in. You can get more information at:


Leaving Whitbey Island

We had to close up canvas in a light rain which is never fun, but we were eager to move on to new adventures. We arrived at the Coupeville-Port Townsent ferry over an hour early. They waved us in line for an earlier crossing then reserved with time to get a cup of coffee and a bagel at the diner across the street.

rainforest 027

Rain continued to fall lightly and fog and low lying clouds muted everything; one of those monochromatic days when the water, mountains, and clouds flow into each other. I have found if I don’t expect sunshine for my photography, I enjoy whatever comes my way.