An Old Barn, An Old Alpha Romero, and Rhubarb

How beautiful this barn was when it was new.

These three things are connected because they are all in my photograph. My sweetheart, Jim, took me for a ride down country roads for my birthday so I could try out my new camera that we bought for me for my birthday. We have evolved into some pretty laxed holiday traditions since we have aged. We don’t worry about whether a celebration/gift is enough or appropriate by other’s standards – we do what works for us and it always turns out perfect! Anyway, as we were cruising down this back road I noticed this wonderfully beautiful barn, and of course Jim noticed the Alpha Romero. When I was editing the photo I noticed the rhubarb because I made a wonderful rhubarb jam the tastes great on crackers and humus. But, alas, these three things in the title are also connected with Cee’s “Pick a Topic From My Photo” challenge.

The barn is an easy connect to Cee’s photo – no problem there. I think the Alpha Romero is a connect because the vent coming out of the roof of Cee’s old building looks something like the exhaust pipe we can’t see on the car. Use your imagination – its a little bit of a stretch. The rhubarb – well it might not even be rhubarb because I didn’t go up to see, and the only connection is it is green like the leaves that should be on the tree in Cee’s photo – but aren’t. I think it will pass because Cee’s rules for this challenge seem to be as loose as my mind is right now.

Silver and White on Manitoulin Island

The month of June is about over meaning that Jude will soon be changing her “white & silver” Life in Coulor to something else for July. I have been paralyzed by options as I scanned some of my favorite files. Today I told myself to just do it – so I picked a day on Manitoulin Island in Canada’s side of the Great Lakes. We have been thinking of returning but can’t until both countries decide that the pandemic is controlled enough to open the border. Doing this post seemed to sooth my soul’s need to soak in the calming atmosphere of the island.

Morning “Rush Hour” on a Quiet Manitoulin Island Lake in Canada
Bridal Falls
Silver Tin Roof on a Red Barn
A White Boat Waiting

I hope these photos helped you get a feel of this space in time and colour.

Lingering Look at Windows: Barn

This week’s photo safari with Julie wasn’t going too well because the predicted partly cloudy skies were heavy clouds with lots of humidity. Our bones felt it and nothing was catching our interest. We decided to salvage the day with a drive to Blissfield, down toward Toledo, to have a nice lunch at the Carriage House behind the Hathaway House. We had a great meal – and noticed a barn down the street that looked interesting. It turned out to be a good day – with good conversation.

Blissfield 134Blissfield 136

My Dot on the Map: Too Late

Yesterday I posted on the work farm, owned by the Barn Doctor. A couple of weeks ago we found this barn while driving north from Homer, Michigan. I think it is beyond the help of the Barn Doctor.

Homer 214

Homer 172

This makes me really sad, to see a barn starting to fall down. The new barns are steel sided, single story pole barns and just don’t have the personality and beauty of these old wooden barns. We drove to Grand Rapids today, up M-50, and the countryside is dotted with beautiful wooden barns – usually red but also white, brown, sometimes yellow or grey. I think I’ll have to take the drive by myself so I can stop and take photos to my heart’s content. Hubby is wonderful about stopping and offered several times but I have a hard time getting lost in my quest for the perfect perspective if I know he is waiting in the car.