Anna Growing Up

Meet Anna. I met Anna when I went with her family to a datcha outside of St. Petersburg, Russia but she could be from anywhere. She is just pubescent, but has dreams of growing up.

Anna’s mother is a friend of my daughters and when Olga invited us to visit, my daughter collected some prom and bridesmaid dresses from friends to take to Anna. Anna is very obviously feeling grown up as she models her new dresses on her own private runway. Growth can seem slow and painful at times but, if nurtured, there is an inherent drive that pushes us forward. Anna is being nurtured in her growth journey.


Purple Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Check this purple out! Wow. I already posted one purple, but couldn’t resist posting again after seeing the rich texture and color of this coral bell.

Heuchera “Crimson Curls”

Here is the flower. When casually observing them, the flowers get lost. It is with the camera that they become significant. I had to focus manually because the auto focus couldn’t grab them they are so fine.

Heuchera “Crimson Curls”

New Dawn Rose


The first promise of what was to come on my New Dawn climbing rose. The plant was covered with buds and I anticipated a beautiful show. A week later there was a beauty to the entire space being filled with pale pink roses – but it couldn’t compete with this one individual blossom. Are we the same? Does our unique beauty diminish when we become one of a crowd? So often I want to blend in with others, to be a part of a crowd so I don’t stand out. Maybe it is time to bloom – to let my innate beauty show.