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Blue is a Great Lake

I’m in love with the magnificent vastness of the Great Lakes. It is impossible not to be spellbound by the hundred shades of blue layered beyond the shore, reaching to forever. Of course it helps if you have waded into the cold water and summoned the courage to dive in – feeling the cold aliveness against your face. The magnificence […]

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Who Do I Write For?

I have had a half-baked post in my brain, about summer and time warp, there¬†since Julie and I did a morning meandering down dirt roads a couple of weeks ago. But I haven’t been able to get it beyond the half-baked stage into something worth publishing, even though I jotted down notes in one of the many notebooks I purchased […]

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Almost Open

Do we have the courage to open our doors to receive the unknown Do we have the courage to extend a hand of compassion with risk Do we have the courage to learn of past sins shrouded in deception Do we have the courage to probe our beliefs pursuing truth and justice   The RDP # 46 – Open prompt […]

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