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Last November was a perfect time to change my routine at the Naples Botanical Garden and pay a visit the butterfly house. The morning temperatures had remained hot and there weren’t many people because the “season” hadn’t started. No one was there when I arrived so I was able to use my tripod. The rule is no tripods because of […]

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Hawaiian Sunset

A flowering vine has to be a knockout if it is growing by the ponds containing water lilies at a botanical garden. When I walked up the small hill to the upper ponds I didn’t even notice these flowers. It was only after I sat for a while on the cement ledge containing the soil from which it grew, oblivious […]

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Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

There was some excitement at the Naples Botanical Garden yesterday about this beautiful lotus, Victoria. Unfortunately the excitement was shared by only a few people at 8:30 because it is at it’s blooming prime in early morning. By 11:00 when people were coming in greater numbers, this bloom was closing. This is one plant with thick stalks going to this […]

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