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A Tree Topper

A month ago our son left for a walk but returned to say there were a pair of Bald Eagles in a Norfolk Pine. We had seen him on top of another Norfolk Pine a couple of weeks prior to this sighting. Norfolk Pines are the tallest perches in our neighborhood in southwest Florida and this majestic bird seems to […]

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Sunset on the Gulf

The time of day when the sun slides behind the horizon, pulling the day’s light behind it. When time is suspended, between the end of this day and our approaching awareness of the one to come. A soft time of light… not as harsh as our “should have” and “could have” awareness of a day with no second chances. Like […]

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Living in the Age of COVID-19: 4/5/20

  I spent the last week thinking about going back to Michigan – and realized that along with analyzing the ton of information from infectious disease and pandemic experts, I also need to think about my thinking. We had been planning on leaving right after Easter, a week from now, but I kept thinking about all the “what ifs” of traveling 1,340 miles by car while the pandemic seems to be getting worse everywhere from here to there. Will hotels be open along the interstate – we got word that friends of a friend were the only couple in a hotel on the way from Texas to Illinois? Do I want to trust that I won’t get infected by staying in a hotel? Can two mid-seventy bodies sleep at a rest stop well enough to be safe driving for the second (or third) day? What are the chances of getting infected when we used toilet facilities and buy gasoline? If we have a medical emergency or accident will we get treated (and do we want to get treated) in an emergency room that is at capacity with COVID-19 patients? What if we are infected when we leave and one or both of us develop a fever and cough while on the rode? Will we be able to continue to share driving when sick or do we spend a week in a hotel room recovering? What if we wait until the […]

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