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Water Lilies With an Address

I was thinking of my disappointment when I left the tanks containing the water lily competition entries that weren’t blooming (A Steamy Visit – But Where are the Lilies?). I was also feeling the oppressive heat and humidity even though it was only 8:30 in the morning – but all that was quickly forgotten when I reached the pavilion overlooking […]

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Floral Friday: Musical Notes

I was hot, sweaty, and getting tired when I spotted this charming flower in the botanical garden. It made me smile and I had a hunch that this would be best photographed at this phase, when it was just starting to bloom. What fun, and what an appropriate name. The next week, I saw this plant in another part of […]

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Saturday’s Farmer’s Market

I enjoy visiting the 3rd Street Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings in Naples, Florida. The past couple of years we have tried to go but it was so crowded we couldn’t find parking and the street was so full of people we lost interest. Between October and the first of the year when the tourist season begins, the market is […]

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