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Chasing the Sunset

Going north for summer is on our minds a lot. We won’t be leaving for a couple of weeks but we are thinking about things we want to do one more time before we leave. We will probably go to the beach a few more times, but that was my state of mind when I suggested we go to the […]

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Serendipity at the Garden

When I walked into the Naples Botanical Garden this week I didn’t have much of an agenda, except to try out my new rolling cart to carry my tripod, camera, and an extra lens or two, hoping to take some of the pain out of doing my Tuesday photography strolls. I continuously look for ways to remain active by taking […]

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Super Green

A couple of weeks ago I was walking down the boardwalk exiting the Naples Botanical Garden, taking in all the tropical vegetation growing on both sides. I’m always looking for a photo image, but usually this vegetation is too busy, too messy for a two-dimensional image. On this day, about six feet from the door, I stopped in my tracks. […]

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