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Undulating Lily

The pond below the water fall at the Naples Botanical Garden is a mesmerizing place to be. The water has a constant undulating flow, creating abstract reflections. I usually take multiple photos of the water lilies and the flowing water around them and each one is different. Photographing reflections is really fun because I never know what I will get. […]

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A Winter’s Walk

We had a good amount of snow during the last half of December, a couple of inches or so falling every day to keep the landscape, including roads and walks, covered with a fresh, light blanket. One morning I grabbed my camera to record the snow on my front garden… after putting on long underwear under my cords, a sweatshirt […]

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Christmas Reflections

I am half way between our celebration of Christmas and the celebration of the beginning of a new year. We had a fun and joyful Christmas Eve celebration and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on whether we provided an appropriate celebration of a religious holy day of such magnitude. I have struggled as long as I can remember […]

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