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Almost Open

Do we have the courage to open our doors to receive the unknown Do we have the courage to extend a hand of compassion with risk Do we have the courage to learn of past sins shrouded in deception Do we have the courage to probe our beliefs pursuing truth and justice   The RDP # 46 – Open prompt […]

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Thursday Doors – Open

We were exploring the south shore of Nova Scotia, looking for fishing villages and anything else that caught our attention. We couldn’t avoid paying attention to the massive traffic jam along the two-lane road going into LaHave. We thought all the people walking from all the cars lining both sides of the road were going to the bakery/eatery on the […]

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To the east of Traverse City, on Lake Michigan, there is a small town I like to visit to do a little shopping – I always know just what I want. The town is Leland and the shopping area I go to is Fishtown.  Fishtown is the commercial fishing district, just a couple of big docks, that has provided a […]

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