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Super Green

A couple of weeks ago I was walking down the boardwalk exiting the Naples Botanical Garden, taking in all the tropical vegetation growing on both sides. I’m always looking for a photo image, but usually this vegetation is too busy, too messy for a two-dimensional image. On this day, about six feet from the door, I stopped in my tracks. […]

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Filling up at the Garden

On Tuesday, on the way home from my weekly trip to the Naples Botanical Garden, I happened upon the memory of “going to the filling station.” At some point in my earlier years we used this phrase to indicate that we needed to get our auto gassed up – we needed to buy some petro. I know what triggered that […]

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View from Atop: Trinidad

This week’s photography prompt from Cheri is “Atop” and I started thinking about photos I had taken from up high here in southern Florida. And then I laughed because the highest places in my neighborhood are the interstate overpasses. There is a city ordinance that buildings can only be three stories tall. I don’t have access to these “tall” buildings […]

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