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Glorious Morning Glory

Morning Glories, I love them. But I find them very hard to grow in Michigan. They aren’t reliable. I can’t depend on them. Obviously this isn’t true of other places, as you will see by following the links below. One year they took over the porch, even latching onto my porch swing. They were so thick they were like a wall […]

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Good night’s sleep, purple porch swing, coffee in my favorite mug. Cool breeze, Morning Glory blooming, half-mile walk, birds singing. Black-Eyed Susan at prime, lime-green Hydrangeas. Morning cereal covered with large, plump, sweet blueberries picked by hand by Ken & Janet at the Blueberry Farm. Affirming comments on my blog, interesting work awaits, supper with friends. Joy.

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Doctors Not Taking Pain Seriously

So often I hear that people go to doctors and the doctors don’t take their pain seriously. I also know that most doctors are afraid of prescribing narcotic pain medications for people who have fibromyalgia. As I have been looking for a new doctor, one that I went to said that he would be willing to work with me to keep symptoms controlled but he doesn’t prescribe narcotics for people with FM. Here is a link to an interesting article by a doctor who experienced chronic pain after a car accident. His experience with other doctors led him to change how he practiced medicine. Related articles Is chronic pain in the brain? ( Doctors petition FDA to change labeling of painkillers (

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