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A Tryst with Nature

This was taken on Aran Island off the cost of Republic of Ireland. I was traveling with a group of students studying the culture of the Republic of Ireland and had the opportunity to take this side trip. As a result of doing several of these culture trips, when I travel I am always thinking about how the environment shapes […]

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Travel Theme: Signs

  Ailsa posted a new travel theme, signs, on her blog Where’s My Backpack? I will be collecting signs as I am traveling to Newfoundland, but remembered this one from my trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2004.   I believe the translation is: The world changes. Big Mac stays the same. This was just a few years after Perestroika. They hadn’t […]

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Biskek: The People

  I spent a lot of time walking around Bishkek, which has lots of green space and parks. The Kyrgyz love the Russians because they provided the infrastructure to make life much more enjoyable. This is an arid country with lots of water so irrigation ditches were built throughout the central part of the city that allows water to flow […]

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