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Thoughts on Pictures, Blogging & Experience

I really enjoyed reading the blog of Matthew J. Flood titled On Pictures, Blogging, and Experience because I have been wrestling with whether photographing our experience is a barrier to experiencing it. I used to believe this was true although I have to admit to albums and boxes of photos taken while on vacations for the past 50 years in order to save the memories. Since I purchased my new camera I have been looking at these old photographs of trips and family events and realize that the vast majority lack significance. They are simply a recorded image without meaning, and 99% aren’t very good images. I save them because… I am new to blogging (a little over a month) and my experience of sharing some of my travel stories and reading other bloggers has changed my perspective, however. I am finding that thinking about how to capture an image, the essence of a place or an event or nature, forces me to think about what I am looking at; to appreciate it more deeply. It is forcing me to think about what I want to record and why, what I find beautiful or worthy, and what is important. Matthew states in his post that, “After seeing or eating or doing something new, writing about it (and this is true of journaling too) forces me to pause and consider; having an audience (however small—Hi Mom!) forces me to dig deeper […]

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Night Flowers

There seems something magical about flowers that come out in the late evening – night flowers. And the most fascinating for me are moon flowers. I received my first seed pod from a neighbor and threw it, according to her directions, on the ground in a window well. When the seed pod ripens, it turns brown and splits open, spilling black […]

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Anna Growing Up

Meet Anna. I met Anna when I went with her family to a datcha outside of St. Petersburg, Russia but she could be from anywhere. She is just pubescent, but has dreams of growing up. Anna’s mother is a friend of my daughters and when Olga invited us to visit, my daughter collected some prom and bridesmaid dresses from friends to […]

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