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Time Heals

Time heals. We tell that to young people who have had their hearts broken. Sometimes we say it to people who have had tragic losses, when we know how much they are hurting but don’t know what to say to help them hurt less. If we are the one hurting we probably need to hear it, we need to know […]

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Travel Theme – White

In honor of the UN’s International Day of Peace, these need no explanation. I only traveled into town to capture these images – but they are every town on every continent. Although some places, sometimes don’t have time to bury and erect a headstone. But they are there. To read about the Travel Theme: White and to view other posts […]

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Floral Friday, Too 9/21/12

Allthingsboys has been posting Floral Fridays and I enjoy them so much that I asked if I could do a Floral Friday, Too. She responded that we can never have too much beauty in the world. I hope these pics bring some beauty to your life and a smile to your heart. These next wildflowers need some perspective. Each flower […]

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