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Thanks, Sweetheart

A love letter to my co-parent: Doesn’t this photo bring back lots of memories! What a great dad you were in those days, and your capacity to nurture and care for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews has grown with time. I looked for digitized photos of you and the kids together but there are only lots of photos […]

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Being Unfocused: How Sweet it is.

A hot summer day seems to call me to lessen my focus, to dull my response, to slow down my breathing as I sit on my purple porch swing. Ben called for this week’s The Daily Post photography entries to focus on focus. I like to have my photographic subjects focused so most photos where I “messed up the focus” are deleted. I don’t have a keyword label for out-of-focus. This one I saved, however, and it reflects my emotional view of life as we are working our way through the current early-summer hot spell. Although maybe it doesn’t have as much to do with a hot summer day as it does with my joy of growing older. I am rejoicing in a newly-found state of mind where things that used to matter a lot, used to get me all worked up, aren’t as important any more. I can get concerned about our political mess but its okay for me to let it be a little blurred around the edges. Although I will act if I need to, my decreased energy requires that I be discerning about what I get worked up about. I have found that stress increases the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia more than just about anything else. I have found my sweet-spot of emotional and intellectual contentment if I focus in on what is happening in my state and national capitals – and then take a […]

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Precious Time

Friend Julie and I went on one of our photo shoots a couple of weeks ago – heading for dirt roads. I do believe it was the first such outing since last fall and we savored it. We didn’t find any “National Geographic” wanna-be photographs but we experienced something much more precious. We experienced shared chuckles about a flag planted […]

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