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It seems like finding a photo that reflects “simplicity” would be simple. Every topic I considered seemed to reflect complexity rather than simplicity. Part of my problems seemed to be confusing simplicity with uncomplicated. I came across some old barns in my files (more likely to happen than not with the large number that I’ve taken) and I was tempted […]

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A Tree Topper

A month ago our son left for a walk but returned to say there were a pair of Bald Eagles in a Norfolk Pine. We had seen him on top of another Norfolk Pine a couple of weeks prior to this sighting. Norfolk Pines are the tallest perches in our neighborhood in southwest Florida and this majestic bird seems to […]

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Sunset on the Gulf

The time of day when the sun slides behind the horizon, pulling the day’s light behind it. When time is suspended, between the end of this day and our approaching awareness of the one to come. A soft time of light… not as harsh as our “should have” and “could have” awareness of a day with no second chances. Like […]

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