Land of the Giants

054I knew these puppies were big because I saw a blade on a semi bed, but they seem to shrink in size once they are placed at a distance in the wide open places. To get a perspective of size, look at the poles that support electrical wires – on the front, right side of the photo.

It seems like our naked eye can do a pretty good job of seeing perspective and judging size because we see in 3-D and observe movement. Getting correct perspective of size with a camera is more difficult. I got a lot of practice on our trip to the prairie, the mountains, and the ocean. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t – all a part of learning and always fun.

These were in northern Oregon, close to the Columbia River. For more fun exploring how size matters, visit the Two Cent Tuesday Challenge at:

Going to the Sun and Back

It did feel like we were going to the sun when we traveled up through the mountains on our way to Logan Pass and down the other side on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park. The day was beautiful but the air was full of smoke from a forest fire in southern Montana, more so in some areas of the park than others. Here are some of my favorite scenes.

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Pastel Sunset at St. Marys

Sun Road 007

We camped several days at St. Mary’s on the east side of Glacier National Park. We were almost surrounded by mountains and had a beautiful sunset show every evening. Even though the sun went behind the mountains well before sunset, the evening glow would be reflected on the eastern mountains when the clouds turned navy and pink. Every night it felt like a brand new surprise.

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Mining Camp – Lingering Look at Windows

on the road 021

Historic Mining Camp – National Historic Landmark. Constructed in 1852 by Capt. J. Mullan. Photographed at St. Regis, southwest Montana.

I hope you enjoy a “lingering look at these windows”.