Sunday Post: Focused Attention

It is such a wonderful experience to become so focused that the rest of the world slips away and I lose track of time. All of a sudden an hour or two has passed. But oh the joy of being able to focus all the powers of my thinking on what I am doing. Using the language of this theme, when we focus so intently the rest of world becomes totally unfocused. Our world become fuzzy around the edges. For those around us, we become out of focus – no longer clearly reachable. We are no longer engaged in life as it happens, but life stands still for us. Just us and the object of our focus, moving ever so slowly through time. This image of focused attention happened because I wanted a photo of this mother and child by the fountain but I am very hesitant to take photos of people in public places – I admire people who are good at it. Instead I stood across the street and quickly framed and shot it. I think it does quite a good job of capturing this theme of focused attention and the way we can only observe them from a slightly out of focus perspective. To bring them into clear focus would be way too intrusive and break the mother’s focus on her baby. To see more images of this theme or to participate in Jake’s Sunday Post, to […]

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