Fire Escapes

In response to this week’s FFF challenge posted by Frizz, I just happen to have some photos of fire escapes. Stairs hanging from buildings fascinate me and these are my favorites – so far.

Grass Lake 108

Eaton Rapids 050

Eaton Rapids 053

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Too much Excitement for E’s

EEEk! I was so Excited, so Elated and Emotional because Emily, my 13 year old granddaughter, was visiting I almost forgot to think E for Frizz’s alphabet countdown.

Evidently I Exercised my brain sufficiently to Exclaim, “I’ll Examine my Egret photos and post a suitable Example.”  Okay, Enough! Just post it.


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D is for – Diner

Every small town has one – the place where the farmers go for breakfast after morning chores, the retired fellows sit around a big table drinking coffee and telling stories, business owners grab a quick lunch, friends meet, families go for birthdays and anniversaries. It is the local diner. It is where everyone knows everyone.

Grass Lake 105

I remember stopping once in a small town to ask a person on the street where’s a good place to eat. He said there was a nice place over by the interstate – but I interrupted and asked where he went to eat. “Oh,” he said, “go down to the light, turn left and go two blocks. You’ll see it on your right, where all the cars are.”

Homer 077

We were glad we asked.

Frizz can direct you to other interpretations of the DDD Challenge if you click here.

CCC – Caboose

caboose 081

When Jim’s brother was alive he liked toys – and one of the toys he bought was a caboose that he had delivered and set on a short set of rails in his private park. For those of you who have always wondered what the inside of a caboose looks like, well here is your private tour.

This may be the end of the caboose but not of the fun. You can join in by visiting Frizz and his merry band of alphabet chasers by clicking here. Best part is that Frizz will serenade you if you visit – but unfortunately not with Chattanooga Choo Choo.

B is for Blackberries & Blueberries

Homer 203

Berries are ripening, getting ready for jams & jellies, pies and cobblers, sugar and cream, and best of all straight up!

Broad Museum 121

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