M is for Mockingbird

We will be “snowbirding” it to Florida soon, and I look forward to hearing the beautiful song of the Mockingbird.





If we ask, maybe Frizz will finger-play Mockingbird Song on his guitar. To see what else he has in his collected under the letter M, you can visit at:



Lunch on a Log

I missed a couple of Frizz’s letters because my mind was on traveling through the Northwest and I really struggled with “L”. I’m late on this one but I find it fun to be creative. What is better than having lunch on a log…

crater lake 298

while sitting on the volcanic rim of Crater Lake with this view!

crater lake 296

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Did you see that Moose?

I want to get a photograph of a moose. In fact I wanted to get a photo of a moose when we were in Newfoundland last year and road signs were warning us of the dangers of moose related accidents. I saw a couple but not at a time when I had my camera in hand.

A couple of nights ago we stayed at a nice campground on highway 20 just east of the Cascade Mountains. While I was fixing supper a moose was bellowing a ways up the stream. My heart skipped a beat – must be something about the raw sex of a horny moose. He continued to bellow throughout the evening and well past the time I wanted to sleep. By then my attraction was turning to irritation.

In the morning I walked over by the stream and heard him and his horny song right across the stream from where I was standing. I looked real hard, hoping he would come out for a drink. Cascades 009

Do you see him? Look real hard. Neither did I. Guess we will just have to use our IMAGINATIONS until I get my photograph of a real one. In the meantime, this will be my contribution to Frizz’s walk through the alphabet. This week is the letter “i” – which is for imagination.

H is for Huge Horizon


Homestead on a vast field, against a vast horizon.

We spent the past two days driving through North Dakota and Montana, so vast horizons have been central on my mind. Montana is known as Big Sky Country, and with a big sky comes a big horizon, and big wheat fields, and big trains.

I was talking with the young owner of a cafe we stopped at for coffee, in a small town on Highway 2 in Montana. She was saying that the Harvest Lunch they sell is sometimes bought by people going to the doctor or dentist. I commented that there isn’t anything between towns – and she quickly said “just wheat.” That is what they grow a lot of in Montana. They are harvesting and they need lots of big trucks, grain elevators and trains to get the wheat to other places.

Rocky Mountains on the horizon.

Barn against the Rocky Mountains on the horizon.

And that is what we saw as we looked towards the horizon; wheat fields with small patches of green that signify a farmstead, with grain silos, grain elevators, and long trains along the highway.

I am working my way across the country – and through the alphabet. You can join me by going to see Frizz at:



G is for Golden

Rail yard 018

Goodness gracious, we are all the way up to “G”. Yesterday I was out early and it was a glorious morning. The sky was a clear blue, the air was cool, and the sun was just peaking through the trees. The late summer corn fields glowed a golden yellow as the sun skimmed across their tasseled tops. A mist rose from the wetlands beyond this field and beyond that, mist was floating up from Lime Lake.

Rail yard 035

I lingered, taking several photos of the corn field as I was awed by the beauty of the moment that flooded all my senses. I turned to see the golden sun hitting the mist as it shined through the trees. Sometimes there are just too many photos to be taken and not enough time. Slow down sun, my morning stiff body can’t seem to keep up.

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