Down Dirt Roads: House

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is once again a reflection of their earlier post on color and photography. The title of the photo challenge is “The Hue of You”. In spite of the vivid trees in my neighborhood, I am feeling rather muted lately – in a gentle way. My posts over the past few days have mostly portrayed muted, soft colors. When we were on our photo safari this week, this image wouldn’t let me go.

barns 241

This house grabbed my emotions. I am captivated by the color and sheen, the mirror of the soft color of the ripened soybean field, how it is almost hidden in green foliage, but with just a hint of color to tell us it is fall. I am touched by the sensuous curve of the road and how it also mirrors the color of the soybeans, the leaves blown and collected at the edge giving structure with the hint of gold. So much beauty on this dirt road.

For more info and expressions of personal color visit the WP Weekly Photo Challenge:

Down Dirt Roads: Barn on a Hill

barns 247

When Julie and I go on our photo shoot, both of us love the country roads. And the best country roads are the dirt roads. I immediately start to smile when we turn down a dirt road we have never traversed and I feel some excitement about what we may find.

What we found this week were lots of barns, along with some special treats that we will share in the coming weeks. The weather wasn’t especially good as clouds came in earlier in the day than expected, but we still found lots of treasures.