Story Challenge: Letter “Q” – Quilting

I already did a Q on Queen Anne’s Lace and I had thought about quilts when Frizz posted this theme, but all of my quilts are up north and I don’t have good photos of them in my photo library. I had forgotten about this pieced wall hanging that I have here, in plan view over where I sit every day and blog. This is one of my favorite works. I made it several years ago using the color technique of Jinny Beyer and patterning it after one of her quilts in one of her publications. She is a well know quilt artist and teacher. This hanging is only the pieced portion of a quilt and is hung on canvas stretchers. It is a variation of the pattern “Storm at Sea”, one of my favorites because there is so much movement and the appearance of curved lines even though all pieces are cut and stitched in straight lines. Cutting and stitching curved lines for a quilt is very difficult because of the stretching when cutting and stitching curved edges – that can result in a quilt top that doesn’t lay flat. There are enough potential problem when sewing hundreds of small pieces of fabric together without dealing with curved, stretchy edges. I started by cutting hundreds of pieces of the fabrics I had chosen and sewing them together to form two of the three small squares that are combined to make […]

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