AAA – African Art & Affect

Affect is a psychological term that refers to the feelings and emotions that are seen when we observe another person. People reflect what they are feeling inside and we can see those feelings through careful observation of their nonverbal behavior.

I am thinking outside the psychological box today and reflecting on how the images we capture with our cameras elicit different emotions in our viewers when we take them from different perspectives. We can capture the “affect” of people in portraits but we can also “create” affect in inanimate objects by altering our perspective in relationship to the object.

Last February the Naples Botanical Gardens had an exhibit of African art. This piece is titled Seduction and was created by Joe Mutasa.

Seduction, by Joe Mutasa, Zimbabwe; Medium: Springstone

How we perceive her seductive nature is very different in this first photo than what we see in the second photo taken from the front. The drastic difference wasn’t evident to me until I was editing the photos.

botanical gardens 298

I have found that moving slightly to the right or left when photographing a path or road can make a dramatic difference in the feeling elicited when viewing the image. I usually take several macro photos of the same flower and find that moving just a fraction of an inch up or down creates an entirely different emotional tone in the final image.

I am still at the beginning of the very long photography learning curve and this African Art increased my awareness of how much the emotion elicited by my photography is determined by how I frame my subject matter. Taking pictures is great fun but I have as much fun editing and choosing which images to use to convey what I want viewers to experience.

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A Special Gift


This is granddaughter Sarah, who is 11 years old. She is staying at our house for a few days and likes to check in with mom and dad. But what she is really excited about is making a special gift for her other grandma who lives in Nevada. Grandma Rita is in poor health and Sarah wanted to make a lap quilt for her.


Sarah loves Star Wars, fashion designing, fishing, camouflage and glitz, sports and especially sewing. She likes sewing so much that she received her own sewing machine last Christmas and made her Easter dress, complete with a little jacket. When we talked about what we would do during her visit, she already knew the project she wanted to work on and knew that Grandma had the fabrics she needed. I was delighted.


I took Sarah downstairs where I store my quilting fabrics and told her to pick out 24 colored fabrics and 24 white fabrics. Her first go-through resulted in probably 75 of her favorites which she then narrowed down to about 35 (with 12 more whites). After I cut the squares, she decided on layout and sewed them together. I was the technical adviser and assistant (the one who takes out stitches and presses).

sarahs quilt 010

We needed backing fabric so were forced ūüôā to go to the fabric store. She pulled out a few fabrics but when she saw these butterflies her eyes twinkled.

I think Sarah is going to be a quilter. She preferred buying fat quarters of fabric for her newly formed stash (raided from Grandma’s stash) than getting her toe nails painted at the salon. My heart is bursting with pride. It is great being old and wise and patient and a mentor to the young. Being Grandma Pat is much more fun than being the parent.

Tagged W: Whatever

Last week I had a hard time coming up with a post for “U”, this week I’m having trouble because I have too many things I want to post. Whatever is a Woman to do?

My first thought was to use the Windows I’ve taken recently – Windows begin with W but didn’t feel very exciting. There were other problems, too.


This is an interesting widow that we can see into – don’t worry it is a museum not a person’s house. But yesterday I was reading about Lady Godiva and Peeking Tom from Coventry England. Peeking into this window spooked me out a little even though Tom was peeking out from his shutters ¬†to see what he could see as our fair Lady rode naked on a White steed. I hope Adam’s owner doesn’t get any ideas.


These windows are in the pavilion up on the hill in one of our parks. It is a big pavilion and it has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel. Wright Windows should get me double points but I don’t know if these are really windows because there isn’t glass in them. Can we compromise at 1.5 points? But you can see why I’m conflicted about using these windows.

I decided to think about it as I was taking my morning walk, and what should I see… but a robin finding a Worm (look closely and you’ll see it).

socks & worms & sign 011

Didn’t Elmer Fudd say wobin? That would also give me double points – a Wobin with a Worm. Then I decided this wasn’t a good choice because yesterday I posted about my “I’m going to eat worms and die and then you will be sorry” day on Sunday. I didn’t want anyone to think I was stalking this poor Wobin to steal its Worm for my pity party.

I have one more idea: Wool as in Wool socks!

What is Wrong with this picture?

What is Wrong with this picture?

Hubby walks by my reading room. “What’s you doing?” “Taking pictures of my feet.” “You are bored and need a life.” No, I’m not bored because I’m taking photographs. How can a person be bored with a camera in their hands?

Well, actually what I need to do is finish the other sock. I have it started…

socks & worms & sign 005

but had put it away for a year or so. I’ve been working on it a little during the past few day but boy those are little knitting needles and I am about as graceful with them as I am with chopsticks. I’m getting back in the groove but these stitches are soooooo small and it takes a long time to see progress. And when I get this second sock done, I have yarn for another pair.

socks & worms & sign 009

I still don’t know which set of photos to use for my W so I think I’ll sleep on it and, like Scarlet O’Hara, deal with it tomorrow. When I Waken I’ll know Whatever one I use Will be Wonderful!

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Squares and Angles

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is squares and angles. What fun, I thought, and hurried to my photo library. What I discovered is that I didn’t think I was going to be able to participate this week. Every single photo I have that includes squares and angles is primarily a photo of curves. I like curves. My eyes are drawn to curves. I cover up lines and angles with curves. I make angles and squares into curves.

quilt 019-2

As I was pondering this dilemma  I looked up at the wall hanging over my right shoulder and smiled at the curves. Then it dawned on me Рthe curves are made up of angles and squares. One hundred and seventy-one squares to be exact.

quilt 028-2

Piecing this together required making lots (many more than I actually needed) of three different squares and then laying them out so the contrast of light and dark created the illusion of curves. Did I say that I like curves?

But you have to acknowledge that this meets the criteria of lines and angles!¬†You can see entries from people who love lines and angles by going to –

Weekly Photo Challenge: 2012 in Pictures

I have a hard time following rules – so I’m approaching this assignment from a different perspective. I bought my camera in early August so I can’t do the monthly thing, although I have really enjoyed those posts that have followed this format.¬†These are the pictures I took in 2012 that I especially like because they helped me identify how I like to use my camera to capture and share my world.

Some may argue that I should only post five because I only took pictures for five months but I already said I have a hard time following rules. Here are my favorites with captions to explain why they are special and what I learned about myself through them.

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