Beauty Thru My Lens: Gentle

botanical garden 173

I’m in a gentle mood today and needed to post a photo to match. We took our son and future daughter-in-law to the airport very early this morning so I’m a bit tired. I also have the warm afterglow of having a very enjoyable visit with them. How wonderful to spend time with a son who has grown into a man we can be proud of. How wonderful that he loves a woman who we share a mutual respect and love with. How wonderful to watch them wrapped in their mutual love, joy and laughter. It is the true beauty of life.

Beauty Thru My Lens: Alligator Alley

I-75 turns east at Naples and then goes to Ft. Lauderdale on the east coast of Florida. It goes through the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean. This stretch of I-75 is called Alligator Alley and there isn’t much along that stretch – except alligators.

We don’t take that road when we want to visit the Everglades because US-41 is closer to our doorstep. But when we go into the Everglades on 41, we see alligators.

J thinks I’m reckless because I occasionally jump out of the car to take a gator photo. I did for this one because he is such a beauty and he was right there on the side of the road – there were a lot of them sunning but I didn’t tempt them all. Just this one – and I kept my door open and our vehicle between me and the gator. I leaned around the corner because I know they can run fast on land – even though they look sluggish and docile. I don’t run very fast so I have to use my brains instead.

Everglades 093

I wasn’t taken in by his smile.

We stopped at an information area that had a boardwalk along a canal where alligators like to sun themselves. With my telephoto lens I was able to take these photos of their amazing feet.

everglades 135 everglades 138

Don’t tell J, but I have an intense desire to reach out and touch them. I also have an abundance of common sense.

You can see a couple of juvenile gators here.

Beauty thru my Lens: Framed

There were a lot of surprises at the Naples Botanical Garden today, but the most unusual one was propped against an easel when we walked into the Florida Garden. This garden is designed and kept up by the Naples Garden Club and one of the members “painted” this picture.

botanical garden 049

botanical garden 057botanical garden 054botanical garden 060

I love it when art is so beautiful it comes alive before our very eyes.


Hanging in There

botanical garden 129

I am enjoying this photo on so many levels that I had to share. I hope you all hang in there today with as much beauty and grace.

Beauty thru my Lens: Snow

I was so excited last week when it started snowing

and snowing and snowing, hard.

It was sooooo cold and still, and then one day

the sun came out.

snow 013

The deep blue shadow branches spread out and

the snow twinkled like stars

and there wasn’t a sound.

snow 005

I was layered thick from head to foot,

standing transfixed by the beauty around and

there wasn’t a sound.

I closed my eyes and slowly breathing the cold air

I could smell the snow.