Where the Wild Flowers Are

I am fully engaged in my Michigan environment as I’m watching spring unfold. How perfect that Tina has given us the Lens-Artist Challenge of Environment. The daffodils and naturalized grape hyacinths in my garden have me eager to get out in a couple of weeks to find and photograph some nice specimens of wild flowers. My favorite spots to photograph are in the spring-time woods where gentle light is filtered through newly emerging leaves.

These photos are from my files, taken at Hidden Lake Garden in the Irish Hills of southern Michigan on visits in May of previous years. I think maybe a couple were taken in other wooded areas that are so plentiful in my Michigan environment. We have some warm sunny days predicted for next week so my agenda includes a trip to Hidden Lake Garden and then on to Tecumseh where there is a fabulous quilt fabric store.

The part of my environment that is really exciting my soul is the green haze of the undergrowth in wooded areas along roads that we frequent. This morning on our way to breakfast and exercising we talked about how much the leaves have opened in the tall branches of the many hardwoods – just in the past two days. And I smiled when I looked out my kitchen window and saw dandelions blooming under our neighbor’s burning bush.

If you would like to share a piece of the environment you live in or those you have visiting you can click here to join in.

23 thoughts on “Where the Wild Flowers Are

  1. What a delight this is! There are many flowers here that I don’t see now, since moving west, and it’s wonderful to scroll through these photos of familiar faces – the trillium are beautiful. Jack-in-the-pulpits, Lillies of the valley, and violets all bring back memories. I hope you’re enjoying spring and you had a nice visit to that garden.


    • I understand how much fun it is to see photos of “old friends” from other times in our lives. You live in a beautiful place and you have captured the soul of the temperate rainforest in so many of your photos. We have visited Whitby Island and I wish I could return again.


      • I think you may have mentioned in the past that you’ve been to this area. It is indeed special, but I think any place can be when seen with care and appreciation. But thank you very much for that thumbs up, I appreciate it!

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  2. Pat we miss the lush spring wildflowers in our Vermont woods. I also miss the morels in our Ohio woods. That said, the trees are greening out, or redding out and our redbud looks as though it might flower any time now. There are tons of flowering bushes and trees, and the season last a good long while here on the coast as opposed to the two weeks in VT. It’s remained cool the past few days and the next two weeks are forecast to follow suit. We will take the rain and put up with the chill.

    I love the quilt project!


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