In the Glow of the Early Morning Sun

I’ve been getting up just as the sun is lighting the Eastern sky each morning – what an exciting time of year. Spring is finally coming to southern Michigan, our second Spring of the year, having experienced our first Spring in North Carolina during our stay in February. We endured a very dreary and nasty March in Michigan that has made our spring even more exciting. I did a lot of moaning and gripping throughout March that didn’t make the weather any better and weren’t my most “glowing moments.” I did feel a glow as I spent my indoor time making hats to share with the less fortunate next fall (using up yarn so I can buy more) and finishing up three more throw quilts for the project my Florida church friends have taken on of providing house-warming gift quilts to every family that moves into the new housing that is being built in Immokalee, the community where the farm workers live.

I dusted off my cameras this past week to capture the Spring that was erupting in my garden as the morning sun was providing the first of its gentle light. I was drawn out of my winter doldrums by the memories of previous Springs and the joy of watching nature come alive again. I felt the glow of anticipation that primed my senses to what was happening throughout my garden.

I said a welcome to these iris plants that are old friends in the garden, poking their pointed leaf-tips through the mulch (and sometimes a dusting of snow.) It appears that they would appreciate dividing later in the summer.

Old friends in the garden are great but I felt a special glow as I found the clumps of new irises that are starting their second year in the garden. We are just getting to know each other and they appear to be happy in their new environment. They are multiplying. I just barely remember their colors and I’ll have to look up their names as they bloom in a month or two.

The spring air was cool and I basked in the warmth of the morning sun, feeling my own internal glow grow. This was the time to find joy in each plant that was sprouting new growth after the winter hibernation. This was the time to take note of what needs to be pruned and what needs to be moved or divided. I also did some thinking about planting a slow-growing evergreen to fulfill my commitment to slowly transform my garden to a lower maintenance space. I’m a year older than I was last spring and it seems like there are changes that need to be made if I am going to continue to enjoy the glow of satisfied living.

Yes, I need to maintain a workstyle that allows me the luxury of sitting on my purple porch swing with a cup of hot coffee, listening to the birdsongs, and feeling the gentle sway of the swing as I warm myself in the glow of the morning sun. What a glorious right of passage into a new year of growth – for both myself and my garden.

This post was created in response to the Lens-Artist Challenge: Glowing Moments.

16 thoughts on “In the Glow of the Early Morning Sun

  1. I love all the photos and loved more the words you used to bring your garden to life. I love that you know what is coming us and what is new, and that you give yourself time for your purple bench. Spring has sprung.


    • Thanks for the nice comment – and spring has really sprung in the past week with lots of flowering trees in bloom and the underbrush in the wooded areas have a green blush.

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  2. What lovely images to bring hope today for spring. We’ve had a few nice days in SD but today is chilly again with promises of rain, potential flooding, and possible snow. I’m heading to MI in a few weeks so I hope your spring continues and in full bloom for Holland’s tulip time.


  3. Wow getting the pleasure to enjoy two springs is just wonderful. We had a porch swing at my childhood home. My mama and I spent hours in the swing talking and talking. Brings back such memories.


    • What a wonderful memory to have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every home had a porch swing and every parent and child sat and talked and talked. It could also be a wonderful place for mama and papas to sit together and talk and talk.

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      • Yes that would be wonderful. Whenever I had “boy” problems or anything at school me and my mama would sit in the swing. Our favorite time was summer when it was warm and we lived in the country so there were no street lights and we could see all the stars.

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