Cee’s Flower of the Day: Clematis

Sometimes I just can’t resist being a little naughty. Here’s the story:

It is 10:00 at night and I was going through my e-mail notices of blog posts of people I follow, picking and choosing because I really want to go to bed but don’t feel like getting up from my comfy chair and doing my nightly routine. I, by chance, decided to click on Cee’s FOTD for January 23 which was titled “Clematis.” A lovely purple one.

Today we had snow all day, a heavy snow. The type of snow that most people who live in Michigan get excited about, including me. This afternoon had a date with a neighbor who lives down the street who makes cards and I have been helping her because I love to do it but not enough to buy a few thousand dollar’s worth of supplies. Besides we love talking together and she bakes me a great treat – today it was brownies with a covering of peanut butter and chocolate. It was such a beautiful snow fall that I decided to walk to her house and take my camera along. As I was leaving my home I snapped some photos of my front garden, including a new clematis that I am training up a wall and over a railing.

Sorry, Cee, I couldn’t resist posting it in response but I know you will appreciate the humor of it all.

Find beauty in nature wherever you are and if you are in the north-eastern quarter of the U.S., please stay off the roads and stay warm.

8 thoughts on “Cee’s Flower of the Day: Clematis

    • If you have read the children’s book “A Snowy Day,” it was that kind of snowy day. About 30 degrees F. with very little wind so not too cold and the heavy snow was clinging to all the branches. Snowy days are so quiet although I did miss the crunch of walking on really cold snow. But so you don’t worry about my brain turning into a frozen mush, I am so looking forward to spending next winter in SW Florida where it will be getting into the 80’s soon.

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