Lens-Artist: Favorite Finds – Jade Vine

Georgia O’Keefe was in the news recently and this got me thinking of my dream of making my floral photos in the image of her paintings. This summer I have also been going through my many years of photo files instead of spending time out and about with my camera. Several of these meanders through my files led me to photos taken early this year at the Naples Botanical Garden when the Jade Vine was blooming at the front entrance. I remember this find with excitement and would tell myself that I needed to do a post – but didn’t. I knew they had been planted and bloomed there the previous year but seeing them this year was an exciting find.

Blossoms hanging along the edge of the boardwalk leading into the Garden…
Next to a sign that reminds us to “Look Up”

Whenever there is a sign saying to look up, I do. I look up a lot because there are a large number of flowering trees and also orchids have been put in trees throughout the garden. But this time my look up knocked my socks off.

All the vines and blossoms hanging down looked like someone had decorated for a tropical party. I also felt fortunate to find a vine of buds with the flowers starting to poke their way out.

I would have a hard time saying this was a favorite find – because most every day I find something that is a surprise and excites me. However, I had great fun finishing up this post after our power and internet were returned after a 3-day electronic holiday brought to us by a nasty wind storm.

Thanks to Ann-Christine for the Favorite Finds theme – you can see what other people posted by going to the links in the comments here. This week John has posted the theme for Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Planes, Trains and Automobiles… and the places they take us.

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artist: Favorite Finds – Jade Vine

    • Thanks, Tina. It was a very scary wind storm that had big hardwood trees whipping around. And the worst part was not having internet because the Verizon had a cable down. We have a generator that covered all our essential needs.


  1. Oh my, Pat…these are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! What a colour, what colours! And I believe you succeeded in your dreams of floral paintings turned into photography. I have only seen a very little one of these in a botanical garden – yours are a massive rain of beauty. Thank you for posting, Pat!

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    • Thank you, A-C. The Naples Botanical Garden has a very large natural preserve area but the area that is planted with flowers and foliage and trees is relatively small. Very easy to walk around and see it all. They have the most beautiful plants and everything grows all year long. I am always surprised – and I go a couple of times a week.


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