We were walking around the small town of Munising, Michigan on the shore of Lake Michigan and I came upon this scene. The memorial acts as a mirror, reflecting the man’s image as he does the careful work of placing another name on the long list of soldiers who served to defend democracy and keep us safe – who now only live on in the memories of those who knew them and on this piece of stone.

I have thought about this image a lot, wondering to what extent we all are reflections in this memorial of people who loved country and chose to defend it with their hard work and possibly their lives. This is an especially important contemplation at this point in our country’s history when so many who love our country and what it stands for are blinded by lies and hate into believing in a way of fight for it that is actually threatening the democracy that is the very core of our governmental system.

In response to the Week-end Challenge of “Mirror.

6 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Absolutely beautiful Pat, I really loved this one. The images are truly moving, the most we can hope for with our photography. And I loved your commentary and agree wholeheartedly


  2. Such an excellent and thought-provoking image Pat. And the thoughts it’s provoked in you resonate with me, even though I’m observing events in the US from outside. Your point that otherwise decent people have been ‘blinded by lies and hate’ is a good one. I have an American friend who is, bizarrely in my opinion, a supporter of your past president and who is otherwise a kind, considerate and intelligent lady. No, she hasn’t been so blinded as to start attacking anyone or anything, but she still approves of his policies and his blinded to his faults and lies – so sad ☹


  3. The photo reflection is one of those ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’ one.
    I, too wonder about the impact these times are making on those who chose to defend a country that seemingly no longer agrees with many of the tenants they are giving their lives to defend.


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