Anticipatory Buds

Aren’t these cone flowers striking? And look how many buds are opening. Last year, or maybe the year before, I divided the yellow daylilies along our drive and filled in places that could use some easy color. But this year I’ve decided my garden is toooooo yellow. My coneflowers have started blooming in the lower tier, in this beautiful orange, in yellow, and the typical bright pink. I’ve decided to remove some of the yellow daylilies in the upper tier (my daughter-in-law want some) and put some coneflowers in. But that can wait until fall or next spring.

Last winter I was thinking that I would start putting more evergreens in with less flowers. Somewhere, probably in one of local garden shops, I forgot about that decision. Or maybe it was when I was sitting on my purple porch swing on a cool spring morning surveying the plants coming up. I’ll blame it on the coffee I was drinking.

If you have a flower you would like to show us you can join in Cee’s Flower of the Day postings.

14 thoughts on “Anticipatory Buds

  1. Love this touch of pink in your garden. I’ve read (from those who know gardens) that the time is now to map out what you’ve got in case you want to change the color balance of future gardens. I’m not that organized, but I do think it’s a good point! Thanks for sharing these beauties.


    • I have found taking photos as the garden progresses has helped because the file has the year so I can track changes and see imbalances of color. I love to be organized and I tried it but didn’t find it helpful.

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    • You are so right, Sarah. I love my flowers during all seasons. Oh the excitement of spring when they are growing strong and healthy, and fall when I cut them all back making the garden tidy again, with a promise of another year coming.


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