Lens-Artist: Color Expressions

I love color, I love playing with colors when I create quilts and when I edit my photographs. I had great fun when I was arranging these bouquets of flowers for your pleasure. But I get ahead of myself, here, because what attracts my eye and draws me in with my camera is the play of light and shadow that creates the beauty of colors. The colors in each one of these flowers makes my heart and soul smile – big!

The Naples Botanical Garden has wonderful collections of orchids and water lilies so I have tended to use them the most for my winter posts. Today, for this Lens-Artist Challenge, I decided to show you some of the other colors of the the garden. I have been going two or three times a week and every time I walk around I am surprised by new small splashes of color or changes in the reproductive cycles of those plants that I have been photographing for a few weeks and result in new colors of buds, blossoms or fruits/seed pods (I’m saving those for future posts). I have provided captions for those that I can name – if you know other names I would be very appreciative for your knowledge in the comments section.

I found this last plant in the Idea Garden, where ideas are given for growing flowers and vegetables in the southern Florida tropical climate. Does color have a sense of humor? Can you identify the five colors? The chef at the restaurant in the garden really likes hot peppers for seasoning.

Chinese five color hot pepper

To find out how others are interpreting this photography challenge of “color expressions” you can click on the link.

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artist: Color Expressions

    • That close of a connection between my photos and quilts hadn’t occurred to me. I do have fabric cut in brick shapes of shirt plaids and flowers to make a quilt that will hopefully look like plaid brick paths through a flower garden. We will see – LOL.


    • Thanks, Tina. Yes it does – all year long. Most plants grow so quickly here that the Garden has to have a huge number of volunteers to keep the garden under control and to clean up the fallen debris, to pull up annuals and plant new ones, and to tend to the thousands of plants throughout.


    • It is an amazing garden and even though I go to the same places in the garden there is always something new to photograph. Part of it is the 12 month very fast growing season.

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  1. Beautiful photos Pat. I wish I would have gotten to the gardens this year, miss it. Next year for sure. Thanks for sharing your photos. Pat E


  2. Pat, what an amazing post in reply to this challenge. I like how you described color as a play of light and shadow. I think it’s wonderful the way color changes from sunshine to shade to dry conditions to wet conditions. I’m due for cataract surgery and I wonder what delights await me.


    • When I had cataracts removed my vision went from grey light to white light. When the first one was done, I kept closing each eye so I could continue to be amazed at the difference in color.


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