Orchids, Orchids, Orchids in the Garden

We arrived at the garden about an hour later then I like on Friday morning – we both were moving a little slowly. I didn’t like what a saw, a long string of cars driving into the parking lot and people streaming onto the boardwalk leading up to the ticketing windows. Then I saw the sign, “Annual Orchid Show and Sale.” We walked in the opposite direction as we started our stroll and suddenly we were alone – the garden was ours to enjoy without bumping into people.

I get excited with the early morning light catches the larger orchids.

I didn’t have my camera because this time was for Jim, and I had gone to the garden alone with camera equipment on Wednesday. I didn’t miss my camera because I wasn’t interested in taking photos of people buying orchids in the concession area, the building where the orchid show was set up wasn’t open because judging was taking place, and the small orchid garden was full of people. Besides I knew that I had some really nice photographs of some of the Garden’s orchids taken on Wednesday.

This is a lovely orchid. You can tell the small size by comparing it to the wires holding the basket.
I am drawn to the small orchids, and look forward to seeing how this looks as buds continue to open.
This new orchid stopped me in my tracks. I am smitten. Common name is Nun’s Orchid, Phaius Tankervilliae, Orchidaceae, Native of Southeast Asia and Australia.

The above photo is of about 1/3 of the orchid garden and the orchids you see in this view are only about half of the orchids on display in this area because of those that are hidden from this angle and too small to be see from a distance. Walking into the orchid garden can take a person’s breath away but my heart is quieted and spirit soothed by the gentle water music from two water features. My mind is soon engaged as I focus on individual plants and find new ones I want to photograph. What joy. I wish you could join me there, but maybe my photographs will work almost as well. If you do decide to join me at the garden, I’ll treat you to a ginger limeaid and mixed berry scone.

I can’t post photos of flowers without linking to Cee’s Flower of the Day.

15 thoughts on “Orchids, Orchids, Orchids in the Garden

  1. These are so beautiful, both in your lovely photos of the individual flowers and the wider shot of the garden. I can assure you that if I lived near enough I would surely join you for that ‘ginger limeaid and mixed berry scone’!


    • That would be so much fun. We got one right from the oven on Friday – still steaming when we broke it open to split. But I wouldn’t expect you to split one with me, Sarah. 🙂


  2. No one can deny the natural beauty of orchids. With the many colour variations, the delicate stems and the countless options for decorative pots, an orchid can add beauty to just about any spot


    • There is something very special about seeing an orchid growing in a tree. I have a couple blooming around our home here. I guess I would keep mine in a greenhouse if I paid $70+ for one. But I’m no more a connoisseur of orchids than I am of wine. I don’t pay over $20 for either.


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