Stick Sculpture – Finished

When we returned to the Botanical Gardens in January, I immediately headed for the Stick Sculpture that I introduced during its construction (here). It looked much different than I had anticipated but I wasn’t disappointed. It was more open than I had visualized during construction and also had many more twists and turns. It pulled us in to explore each arch and window.

If I stood at just the right spot I could see clear through to the other end.

I was amazed at how the willow branches were woven into curves and arches, were turned to form windows.

We sat on a bench at the southern end, looking at the sculpture and as usual, Jim had a story to tell me. The stick sculpture reminds him of being a kid living on North Street. There were lots of boys his age living nearby and frequently a few of them would hop on their bikes and go to the nearby “woods.” There they would build a stick fort, a much smaller one than this but every bit as exciting. Of course other boys would tear it down, but that only provided an opportunity to build another, better one. With the story in our minds, we sat smiling and looking and feeling at peace.

I am finding, as I am aging, that many “interesting objects” attract my interest because they remind me of something from my past, but with a novel twist. This post is brought to you in response to Patti’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Interesting Objects.

18 thoughts on “Stick Sculpture – Finished

  1. Pat, three years ago the Montreal Botanical Gardens had him build several sculptures. What fun it was to explore in them. Not so good at keeping out the rain though. And, oh yes! stick forts!
    The block editor chopped off most of my post today, which I repaired just now. I do not like that editor very much…… Anyway, if I put in a page break the rest of the post disappears and if I don’t the entire post gets sent to everyone…..Argh! Easier?!!
    Enjoy the warmth!


  2. I love this! I was intrigued when you shared the photos of the sculpture under construction so I’m glad you’ve shared the final result. I would find it fascinating to explore all its different curves and the views through the spaces 🙂

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  3. Hi, Pat. That is an amazing stick structure. I really enjoyed seeing it from all the different angles you photographed. It seems that kids are “hard wired” to make forts and stick houses, aren’t they? Thanks so much for sharing this!


  4. Ah…I remember making stick forts in the woods near a large pond near the river when I was quite young…a fort my cousin and I would construct that suffered the same fate as your husbands. 🙂

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