The Building of Shapes & Designs

World-Renowned sculptor, Patrick Dougherty is working with volunteers to build a Stickwork sculpture in the Naples Botanical Garden between November 1 and 20. We made sure to check out the progress on our visits the past two weeks. Our first visit 9 days into the project didn’t allow us to discern the final shape and design of the structure, but it was fun seeing how the workers begin to form the structure.

In the beginning long willow branches are “planted”
The shape is slowly revealed as branches are twisted and woven with other twigs.

On my visit a week later a lot of progress had been made and I was able to see how they were creating the structure. You can see doors being formed and a connecting flow of lines along the structure. The next photo is taken from the north side.

And the next one is taken from the east side. When it is finished people will be able to move through and around it. Photos of other sculptures around the world show children running and laughing through the many opening so I anticipate a lot of local school classes coming to see and interact with it. I look forward to becoming a part of these “shapes and designs.”

The sculptor, Patrick Dougherty, working a willow branch in to fill out a curve. I love how there is a merging of simplicity and complexity, beauty born of humility.

In the next two photos I see windows being formed. And I love how movement is being woven into the walls and openings. It is calling me to move within – maybe even to dance.

The last photo is taken from the southern side and you can see how long it will be. The Stickwork moves alongside the stone archway that you see on the right side of the photo. It also appears that the artist was inspired by the curves and movement of the palms being blown by the wind. I doubt that we will be told what the sculpture represents, leaving it to our imaginations instead. I sure hope so because I want to make it into what I need it to be on any given day.

The opening date for this piece of art is Saturday, November 20, the day before we leave for our holidays in Michigan. I was thinking I would run over there when it opens for members at 8:00, but maybe I’ll wait until I return in January. I am really excited about this so it would be something great to look forward to. Stay tuned for “the rest of the story.”

This post is a response to Patti’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge topic of Shapes & Designs.


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