Macro Wildflower Seeds

The main purpose of macro photography is to capture the intricacies of a subject that we normally don’t register with our eyes. It allows us to slow down and look deeper into the soul of nature.

In response to Cee’s CFFC: Macro or Close-up.

10 thoughts on “Macro Wildflower Seeds

    • Thanks. I think I used it 5 years ago but this time I changed it to B&W and really like it. I am studying what B&W work and which ones don’t excite me as much. I was drawn to your blog by your B&W header/logo. I think it is really striking.


    • Thanks, Cee. I found it in some 2016 photos about the same time you were posting your challenge. I think our minds were in sync. Something, maybe, about “great minds…” LOL


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