Weird & Wonderful

I enjoy reflections in water, especially when captured with my camera. They seldom turn out the way I hoped they would, but the surprise I get after playing around with post processing a little is frequently a little weird and almost always wonderful. When I saw Anne-Christine chose “Weird and Wonderful” for this week’s Lens-Artist Challenge, I immediately went looking for photos with reflections.

Frequently reflections leave me a little disoriented, in a very pleasant way, like the first two photos.

There are other times when the reflection of the primary subject of the photograph is clear and pretty, but reflection around the subject add interest, drawing my eye around the photo. The reflections excite my senses and stimulate my curiosity. The reflections in the next photo both excite me and sooth me.

I have also spent a lot of time looking at both the photo above and below, although the one below leaves me unsettled. I find it interesting but just a bit too weird, maybe.

The last two photos come from the Florida Everglades where so much of the landscape seems weird in a wild sort of way and the reflections in the still pools of water make it seem even more wild, like the reflections of these cypress knees that find so fascinating and wonderful.

Sometimes reflections can camouflage the dangerous, weird (as in unfamiliar), and wonderful creatures of the Everglades.

11 thoughts on “Weird & Wonderful

  1. I, too, love reflections — the ones in clear still waters, but also the ones that create those “scriggly” lines moving downward from the objects. Your photos are lovely. What fun to think about where you were and what you saw.


    • I’m thinking I would like to go into the Everglades again but think that it has been so warm that the gators won’t be in semi-hibernation. I don’t know if they eat more in fall so they have fat to live off of over the winter of cooler nights – but I do know they can move a lot faster than I can. LOL


  2. The cypress knees photo for me fits the theme best, as I find these reflections especially spooky! But my favourite is your second shot, which is just enough weird to be intriguing but is still very beautiful 🙂


  3. I love reflections too – but I must agree about sometimes being confused and unsettled. Your lilac flower for example. Loved the Everglades choices too. And crocs or alligators must be among the weirdest looking creatures ever. Favourite? The cypress knees!


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