Wildflowers From a Day in June

Not only am I switching from glorious fall color to the gentle spring palette, I’m also going back to 2015 to find photos I really like but never published. I think I am looking for a simpler time – although I know that all times in our lives have hardships and frustrations. It is just easier to put a rosy glow on the past after it has mellowed a bit with age, and we slip into selective memory mode. I wonder what our memories and history books will do with this pandemic.

Thanks, Becky, for the wide open invitation to post some photos (squares of course) from our past files.

12 thoughts on “Wildflowers From a Day in June

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  2. Your ‘thought for the day’ accompanying these photos is a truism to be relished in the here and now!
    BTW: one of my favorite plants is the Milkweed – great photo! It’s a family joke that my request is for a scattering of milkweed seeds to be planted on my grave site when the times comes…

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