Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway – Squared

Earlier this year I was thinking that I would enjoy doing a little side trip on a portion of the 469 mile long Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway on our way south. It is such a beautiful drive but it would mean staying out an extra night and I have become pandemic anxious again after being exposed to the virus by a vaccinated friend who got covid-19 from an unvaccinated friend and having a 41 year old unvaccinated nephew die of covid-19.

The next best thing is to go back to photos from our 2014 side trip where we drove 300 miles of the Parkway. I get so much enjoyment from visiting these past trips that I decided to share a couple of my favorites for Becky’s October Squares.

27 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway – Squared

    • Thank you Susan. I am finding some gems but also getting the new camera has excited my creative side and I’m eager to go out and take more photos in less traveled places and improve my skills.

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  2. I’m very plugged into all things Covid these days due to a role I’ve taken on at work. I started worrying about Delta last spring/early summer and was practically the only one in a mask while everyone started shedding theirs even though they had relaxed rules for those of us vaccinated. Do whatever you need to do to stay healthy – both physically and mentally.


    • Thanks, Nora, for your support. I don’t seem to be able to cope with it any other way than the way that makes me feel safest. I do it for me and I do it for others because I don’t want to be a spreader.

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    • He was a minister of a very conservative Christian denomination (cult). Basically his religious beliefs killed him – leaving a young wife and 4 very young children. My anger overwhelms my grief.

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      • Maybe anger is another side of grief? I grew up in a conservative church, then we moved to Texas and I got to see how very cults things can get. People get caught up in the whirlwind and loose all perspective. I was being groomed to be a minister and realized in high school that I have zero desire to hold that much power to abuse. I was out of there as soon as I could be.


        • So wise of you, Michael. I worked at a conservative, faith-based university for over 20 years and saw how mean and destructive they could be – a total lack of integrity. My sister’s husband, nephew who died, the man my mother was married to for the last 10 years of her life, and 3 of his 4 sons were all ministers and it is a very closed system. Nothing ecumenical about them, so they have a very closed system. It sounds like you built your life in a way that gives you power to heal and create while maintaining your integrity. But power can corrupt.

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        • Pat, I ran. Was not a conscious decision though. I think healing arises from Spirit and the persons needing healing. At best all I can do is encourage and facilitate that. The healers I have know who began thinking the healing came from them were always to be avoided as that belief made the dangerous.

          I am glad you were not dragged down the rabbit hole, and wonder how you avoided it.


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