An Old Barn, An Old Alpha Romero, and Rhubarb

How beautiful this barn was when it was new.

These three things are connected because they are all in my photograph. My sweetheart, Jim, took me for a ride down country roads for my birthday so I could try out my new camera that we bought for me for my birthday. We have evolved into some pretty laxed holiday traditions since we have aged. We don’t worry about whether a celebration/gift is enough or appropriate by other’s standards – we do what works for us and it always turns out perfect! Anyway, as we were cruising down this back road I noticed this wonderfully beautiful barn, and of course Jim noticed the Alpha Romero. When I was editing the photo I noticed the rhubarb because I made a wonderful rhubarb jam the tastes great on crackers and humus. But, alas, these three things in the title are also connected with Cee’s “Pick a Topic From My Photo” challenge.

The barn is an easy connect to Cee’s photo – no problem there. I think the Alpha Romero is a connect because the vent coming out of the roof of Cee’s old building looks something like the exhaust pipe we can’t see on the car. Use your imagination – its a little bit of a stretch. The rhubarb – well it might not even be rhubarb because I didn’t go up to see, and the only connection is it is green like the leaves that should be on the tree in Cee’s photo – but aren’t. I think it will pass because Cee’s rules for this challenge seem to be as loose as my mind is right now.

18 thoughts on “An Old Barn, An Old Alpha Romero, and Rhubarb

    • I would think they would have put it in the barn, I think because people have bigger parcels of land here in the US, people are more likely to let a vehicle just sit, especially in the countryside. But there is some sort of story there.

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    • LOL – My daughter took jam and a couple of stalks of rhubarb back to Texas because her friends have never seen nor eaten any and are very intrigued by it. I haven’t heard what their response was.


  1. Great shot of these three old things, Pat. It’s been a while since I had rhubarb. My dad used to grow it and my sister and I ate it raw, dipped in sugar. Mom used to make delicious rhubarb pie with custard. Great memories. A belated happy birthday to you. xxx


    • Thanks for the birthday wish. One of my favorite pie recipes is a rhubarb custard pie. The custard cuts the acidity of the rhubarb. Our patch of rhubarb was huge this year and pie isn’t on my list of ‘diet” foods.

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