That Certain Slant of Light

Camping on the east end of Canada’s Manitoulin Island.

This week Tina Schell is hosting the Lens-Artist Challenge and her topic is “It’s All About Light.” Her post and others I have read have been truly “enlightening” and it really “lit” my fire. Oh how I love the morning light – those moments when night is being cast aside by the light of a new day. When the sun starts to peak over the horizon calling the earth to show forth its colors.

How wonderful to hold a mug of coffee while being gently lifted into the day with a cool breeze and the soft light of the sun filtered through thin morning clouds. But I find I have to get up early and it is only occasionally that the light is a perfect match for my morning rising. The light changes very quickly so I have to catch it before it fully blooms.

Manitoulin Island

I especially love watching the early sunrise light come across a body of water, but in my home county there is only one place I know to go that gives me this gift – Lime Lake. Lime Lake was created from a limestone quarry and has a county park on the west side of the lake. It is primarily used by people for fishing and picnicking, and students from the college a couple of miles up the road who need to go someplace to be with someone special. In spring and fall I can count on some morning mist hanging over the lake. The trees across the lake are a part of my cousin’s woodlot.

Lime Lake – a few miles from my home in Michigan.

And what joy it is to first hear a flock of Sandhill Cranes and then to see them flying overhead with the rising sun illuminating their underside.

25 thoughts on “That Certain Slant of Light

    • Thanks, Tina. They sure take me back to the serenity. I could spend the rest of my summers in that spot. πŸ™‚ Winters? Probably not as it is at the top of Lake Huron with harsh winters.

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