Red Flowers on a White Brick Wall

I think this mural was what drew me downtown to try out my new camera. Every time we drive by I marvel at the beautiful work the artist did. The flower above is esthetically pleasing to look at but it is a part of a larger mural painted by David Rice in 2019.

There is so much depth to still life that I fell like I could reach out a pull out one of the flowers – except I would scare one of the butterflies.

I don’t seem to take photos of many things in red except for old barns so I though it a good selection for Jude’s “Life in Colour” challenge for August of “red”.

18 thoughts on “Red Flowers on a White Brick Wall

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  2. May you have many happy hours with the new camera! Does it have a panorama facility, or did you crop from a single photo to make these ‘letterbox’ images? Whichever way it is, they are very nice.

    The scale of the mural makes it all the more attractive – the cars look like little models. And it is easy to resonate with the message of peace in the images. I found the website of the illustrator David Rice ( ) – and I feel moved to action by the quote from Robert Swan that he has on one of his murals – The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it.


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