Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Postcards

I have bought so many postcards throughout my years of traveling, purchased to send to kids left at home, to other family members, and friends. Sometimes I purchased them to take the place of photographs that I couldn’t take because I didn’t have a camera, photography wasn’t allowed, or sometimes I just knew I couldn’t match the skill of the professionals. What fun I had remembering my eagerness to send everyone I knew a postcard, but how much work it was to write a unique message on each one, to find stamps, and to find a postal box to slip them in. Frequently I ended up taking them home. As a child I remember the joy of receiving one and treasuring them for all the places they represented. I had a collection of them and would love to have them now. Postcards definitely define place and time.

I really wanted to participate in this challenge and even found a few postcards from travels in Europe and Russia. But other activities seemed to be filling my time this week, including buying a new camera that I am thrilled with. Instead of writing a post this morning I headed downtown to the farmers market and to explore what my camera could do as I walked around our town center taking photos of murals. A perfect confluence of time and goals took place when I found this mural.

What more can I say, except…

From there, the day went downhill, but that will be another post because my frustration with Adobe and the technical problems that pile up when one part of a process is interrupted with a new toy has sapped all my energy and reduced me to tears. Woe is me. If you are an expert in Lightroom, I really do “wish you were here” because the Adobe support hasn’t been very supportive and real life doesn’t seem to work the way manuals show. I think this is suppose to be building my character, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

There is still time for you to find those postcards you have been saving in the bottom of that drawer and participate in this week Lens-Artist Challenge.

33 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Postcards

  1. Wonderful postcards!!! With message and colourful, I love them!!!

    Enjoy your new camera, despite the problems with Lightroom. I don’t use it, but it’s happened to me sometimes with Camera Raw. It’s frustrating!


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  3. I’m glad you posted these postcards, but I’m also glad that you expressed what you wish Adobe could do for you. I don’t have Lightroom, so I’m not familiar with the challenges you face, but I’m glad to see that Tina has posted a link above, one that I hope to access. We all need help with something, I guess! I know I do.

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  4. Loved your response Pat – the murals and signage couldn’t have been more perfect!!! I’m a big time user of L/R so I feel your pain. It doesn’t much like Fuji raw images either so it may be their software isn’t familiar with your new camera. If I can help feel free to email me at trschell@me.com. Also I find sometimes when Adobe isn’t helpful I can find answers on Julieanne Kost’s blog here https://jkost.com/blog/lightroom-training-videos. Good luck!


    • Thanks, Tina. My internet server was hit by lightening two days ago so in the meantime I figured out how to load my images from my new Nikon by using their software to upload to tif and then upload the tif into Lightroom and convert to dng. The new licensing version of LR & PS didn’t recognize my camera so I’m canceling that and will continue to use my old version of Lightroom.


        • My older Lightroom doesn’t have it but if I use the Nikon software to change it to Tif then I can use my old LR software to change from Tif to DNG. The version of LR they are currently licensing doesn’t read my new Nikon that was just released last week. I also found out that if I get my old software updated or transfer catalogs to the newer version the process frequently messes up work completed in LR. My cost benefit analysis says it is too risky to update when I am perfectly happy with what I have and am willing to do a little extra work to upload files. πŸ™‚ Thanks for “listening” and caring, Tina.

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    • Comcast and Adobe are neck and neck as the least helpful companies in the service category. And to have to deal with both in one week takes mountains of courage and fortitude. πŸ™‚


  5. Happy new camera. I’ve never used Lightroom but good luck! I do remember having a pain of a time installing an Adobe trial several years ago. You can often search for the answer to a technical problem on Google or similar (if you can express what the issue is accurately enough) because others have generally suffered the same way.


    • They are a pain in the neck for service but oh how I love their product. I am going to cancel my updated licensing contract because I figured out how to upload photos from new camera through the Nikon processing software and the updated version wouldn’t recognize my new camera. And I’ve been without internet for two & a half days because of lightening that struck right outside my window. Yikes


  6. Jackson, MI, eh? Middle child and hubby drove us via the back roads from their place in Lansing to Jackson during our visit there last year (https://laurabrunolilly.com/family-travels-mmxx/ )
    Yep a window of time in 2020 where we snuck in a visit! No one was around town, but we had a blast teeter-tottering downtown and enjoying your mural-art…my take? A rust belt town with (he)art.
    Happy to hear of our common interest in postcards – who knew they’d be such a unique historical hobby? HA!

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