Trees of Winter

On this beautiful summer evening when the temperature is 80 degrees F, the humidity is low, and I’m surrounded by lush green leaves on trees and flowers blooming in my garden, it seems really strange – almost surreal, to be posting photos of winter trees. I have posted the trees of summer and fall for Becky’s July TreeSquares, now I am ready to post winter’s trees.

I love trees in winter, how snow collects on branches creating a stark contrast of white and black and the long shadows cast by the de-robed skeleton of trunk and branches by the low winter sun. I have emotional memories from childhood of being fascinated by the flicker of tree shadows through the car window as we drove down winter roads, like a 16 mm film. I am still intrigued by this magic of sun and shadow.

I don’t have much time to enjoy the trees of winter now that we spend most of it in Florida where there aren’t many deciduous trees. One of those trees is the bald cypress that I enjoy when we drive down the few dirt roads in the Everglades.

26 thoughts on “Trees of Winter

        • Beautiful white puffy clouds start gathering in the morning. By afternoon they have all turned dark gray, and by four or five the thunder and lightning start. Rain comes down in buckets, fills up all the ponds and dry pathways built to guide them into the lakes, and we have flash flood warnings. You don’t want to be out hiking during these times or be caught between big rocks. People do get hurt even killed.


        • We live in southern Florida in the winter, but in the summer they have daily thunder/lightening storms at the same time you describe. But the land is flat and sandy so it doesn’t cause flash floods. Flooding only happens with hurricanes. We are across the street from canals that go to the Gulf of Mexico and are about 1.5 miles from the Gulf so flooding is a worry whenever there is a hurricane. Thanks for sharing a part of your life.

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