How Much Fun Are Eggs?

Our daughter drove up from southern Texas over the week-end with her car loaded with everything she needed for a month’s vacation with us – to escape the horrendous heat and to enjoy all that Michigan offers in midsummer. As I have been complaining about the heat, she has been countering with how beautiful the weather is; repeated several time a day as neither of us are tiring of our words.

Did I say her car was packed? She brought her sewing machine and bolts of fabric, her work computer so she could put out fires if needed, boxes of canning jars, remnants from her refrigerator, and eggs. Not just any eggs purchased from the local store. No, these were special eggs from Texas. The night before she left, her work colleague and friend, Claire, brought two dozen freshly laid eggs to Sharon’s home to bring to us. It was a very exciting gift, a total surprise and absolutely beautiful. Scroll back up and look at the colors. As soon as I looked at them I had to decide if I wanted to eat them or put them in a bowl as decoration in my kitchen.

I decided we would have fried eggs this morning and it was the first time in my life that I had to decide what color egg I wanted to eat. I chose white so I could keep the other colors a little longer (in the refrigerator in their cartons of course).

How beautiful are these eggs? You don’t have to answer because I already know the answer – and they tasted even better than their beauty in the frying pan. I was giddy when I sat down to our breakfast, with a chorus of bird-song, making sure I swiped every drop of yoke with my last corner of toast, in our three season room in the morning cool. What a grand morning it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Claire. What a special gift you gave us. Now I have to decide if we will have eggs tonight for supper or tomorrow for breakfast, or tomorrow for lunch, or…

Also, Claire, are these chicken eggs or goat eggs? Just kidding. If you are able to leave a comment, I would love to hear about the chickens who laid these eggs.

11 thoughts on “How Much Fun Are Eggs?

  1. Your bowl of eggs reminds me of the Cadbury’s mini chocolate Easter Eggs …. or perhaps that’s what Cadbury’s was trying to mimic?

    I almost expected the whites to be tinted as well!


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  3. After all these years raising chickens, I, too, still marvel at the colors my girls lay. The blue eggs come from the mutts of the chicken world. They have various names depending on which hatchery is selling them but the ‘technical term’ amongst chicken people is Easter Eggers and they lay all colors of eggs, mostly blue or green. The dark brown eggs come from the cuckoo marans, the tan eggs come from Buff Orpingtons, a Red Broiler (was supposed to be dinner but she was too sweet) named Gerda, and a huge gray Jersey Giant. The olive color eggs are from a bird hatched on the farm, a Buff Orpington/Easter Egger cross – if you look at the shell when you crack the egg, you’ll see the inside is blue. The white eggs are from an Andalusian hen and/or 2 white leghorns that we can’t tell apart. The yolks are darker for the hens that spend the most time foraging on pasture, lighter for the lazier girls that eat more feed. I’m so pleased y’all enjoy the eggs and gave them some space in your wonderful blog, thank you!

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    • The thanks go to you, Claire. What fun it has been and although I won’t remember the associations between color and hen, I appreciate have a record of how egg colors are produced.


  4. Nothing like the taste of fresh eggs right from the hen where the yokes stand up nice and tall in the pan. πŸ™‚ Just don’t hard boil them… they need to be at least a week old to do that as the whites will adhere to the shell instead of slipping nicely out.


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