Milkweed – With a Future Monarch

We are spending a few days in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, camping by Traverse City. Today we spent time exploring the Mission Peninsula that goes north, splitting the Grand Traverse Bay. Instead of going to one of the many wine orchards for tasting and lunch, we decided to pack our favorite lunch for a picnic, and found a public launch site that had some benches overlooking the western arm of the bay. Afterwards I took photos of wildflowers growing along the shore. One of the flowers that was just starting to blossom was milkweed.

I decided to post a photo of a wildflower for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge and when I processed the photo I found a surprise Monarch larvae. Kind of a bonus for Cee.

17 thoughts on “Milkweed – With a Future Monarch

  1. I have created thousands of new milkweed plants just by taking the dried seeds and purposefully putting them in open soil. Give them about 3 years and you can have a monarch egg laying haven of your own! I have a milkweed patch right by my dog fence and one year I recorded more than 50 chrysalis hatching out! Yesterday I saw a couple Monarch hanging around the milkweed so I was just out there looking at their newly laid eggs. I have a handful of caterpillars already but I knew there would be more egg laying this month. I have some excellent egg photos but no way to upload them here.


  2. It’s funny how often getting a picture ready for the blog makes you see something you missed at the time. The mini-Monarch has found itself on a floral climbing frame.


  3. Ah…this year I started a number of milkweed plants in my greenhouse…this spring I took them outside to be devoured by monarch butterfly larvae…I didn’t realize that I was planting a restaurant for them…but it’s all good!


    • I read a site that sells the larvae and they said don’t order them unless you have a really good supply of plants to feed them. They eat a lot – but you already know that.


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