Seating at the Soda Fountain

I love color and have had a hard time embracing black & white photography, although I have frequently enjoyed the work of others. To push myself to expand my photography work, I am joining Cee’s Black & White Photo challenge, this week focusing on seats. I just went back to my Lightroom file to contrast this B&W with the original color version and I do believe I like the B&W better.

Is it cheating, Cee, to show the original to see what others think?

I want to spend more time looking at the B&W, maybe because it triggers so many memories from across my 76 years of sitting at counters. The B&W draws me in at an emotional level and in this case color seems to produce a block.

If you are interested in joining this challenge or to see what others decide to show us in B&W, click here.

10 thoughts on “Seating at the Soda Fountain

    • Yes, your comment brings a smile. But also a hint of a tear because testing the limits of freedom had a much more serious potential of harm for you than the normal young person’s testing of limits in my culture.

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      • I’ll share a story with you about that old drug store…one Christmas my best friend Ray and I went into have a soda…a term you’ll understand…when the server gave us an unusual look …Ray (who was white) said in a voice easily overheard…”I love that present you gave me…the suntan oil…” I replied “Oh and I love the bleach you gave me!” and like unison congregational song we said…”Now we can go places together!”
        We fully enjoyed the shock on the server’s face.


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