Artist Reflecting on a Lily Pond

I was taking photos of water lilies from the boardwalk across the lily pond as two women were painting on the lawn to the south of where I was. The pond is perfect for taking photos of reflections, especially mornings before the breeze comes up. I moved around a lot trying to find the best perspective for a good reflection without too many lily pad or lilies to obscure the reflection. I also look for reflections that are bright enough to be distinguishable and not too busy.

Mostly I take lots of photos of reflections in differing conditions, learn from some, like some a lot, and delete some. As we are moving through our second year of the pandemic, it feels like this has been and continues to be my strategy. As we are making plans on moving to our northern home, we heard the news that Michigan is being hit with a large increase of new cases and hospitalizations, with our small home town being the epicenter – in fact for one or two weeks that small town was the epicenter of the country. That made me very uncomfortable, even as I was receiving my second vaccine dose.

I’ve been collecting information from social media and epidemiologists, learn from some, accept some for the basis of my decision making, and disregard some. In the bar graphs I studied in the New York Times this morning, I learned that Michigan isn’t much worst than Florida and that upward movement of infections seem to be caused by variant of the virus. We had already considered that in determining behaviors that we believe are safe post-vaccine.

I’m comfortable with the decision we have made. We are going home as planned and will continue to protect ourselves in the same way we have here in Florida. We have gone out to eat when we could eat outdoors or taken food home to eat. We have avoided shopping during high traffic times and if people aren’t wearing masks in the store. We spend time indoors with very small groups of friends and family who have also been vaccinated and we continue to practice safe behaviors when we go places. When we stop to visit with neighbors while walking around the block we will still stand apart, we won’t shake hands or give hugs except with our kids and grandkids (unless the virus spread continues to get worst – then no hugs).

I continue to find the virus exhausting and stressful – but in a slightly different way now that we know more about how the virus is transmitted and we are vaccinated. I’m no longer afraid of getting covid from my mail or groceries, nor am I as afraid to go out in public if safety measures (distancing and masks) are taken. I have a little more freedom to eat out and socialize but that still takes a lot of prior thought and being vigilant as to whether we feel safe or not. The virus is still impacting on how I think about my life and my relationships – I’m just not sure how I have changed and if the changes will be permanent.

How are you doing?

8 thoughts on “Artist Reflecting on a Lily Pond

  1. It is interesting how different each place has responded to the virus. Perhaps someday someone will figure out what worked best given the hundreds of variables!
    Here in Alberta, our guidelines are that we cannot socialize with anyone other than the people we live with – both inside and outside the house. Last summer outdoors socialization was okay but only with a small other ‘bubble’ of less than 10 people – social distanced (and the most cautious types mask outdoors too).

    It doesn’t change anything to have got the shot. Same rules. Our country has not been able to get anywhere near enough vaccine. It is not expected that our population will all be vaccinated before the summer.

    Our age group qualifies now to get the shot, but we haven’t yet. We are healthy, retired, and live in the country. We can afford to let others who are at high risk get the shot before we do. We also haven’t followed the rules exactly either. Our social bubble includes a few family members (and their dog). We provide mental health support to one another. I think that is what has kept us ‘sane’ compared to what we are seeing in others who are falling victim to the non-stop fear that comes from our governments and the media.

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    • It takes a lot of thought, doesn’t it, to determine what is safe and what is necessary. Kind of a delicate balance between physical and emotional health. And I am continually thinking about my safety needs and the safety needs of others.

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    • Maybe that on-going worry about opening up and pretending to be back to pre-covid is what I didn’t expect after being fully vaccinated.


    • Thanks for the safe journey wish, Eliza. I am feeling a lot of relief after getting the second shot a week ago, but there seems to be other complex feelings surfacing since. Don’t understand them enough to write about them yet.

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