Glow Bright

Except for the photo that was over-exposed, this was the brightest one I took as I wandered around the Naples Botanical Garden on Monday. I spent quite a bit of time with my 50mm lens in the water lily garden. Love that lens.

I also love the April Squares theme of bright. Hope you follow and join in with Becky by clicking here.

14 thoughts on “Glow Bright

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  2. I was not sure if this was a waterlily style of dahlia at first glance. I don’t often see a waterlily so close up! Petals are often fascinating. These seem almost to be taking part in a conspiracy.


    • You are right, we don’t see water lilies from above. I have teased a volunteer who gets in the pond with waders to clean up dead leaves, etc. that I have thought about getting in the water but feared I’d be booted out of the garden. Sometimes they grow close to the boardwalk across the pond or in the big planters they have on the boardwalk. They have really beautiful centers.

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    • Water lilies produce better close-up images than orchids. The inside of water lilies are sharp and delineated, whereas the orchids have very soft lines and fatty-looking interiors so the images always look out of focus.

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      • You’ve reminded me of a flower I find troublesome – Fritillaria meleagris. I don’t know if you have them over there. They have an checkerboard pattern, but the pattern is blurred.

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