Sunshine For All My Northern Friends

A Florida Sunflower Radiating Sunshine

I lived in the north long enough to know that as March nears, nerves begin to get prickly and souls are yearning for signs of spring. It could be guilt that I am in a sub-tropical local with flowers everywhere, but more likely just compassion that motivated me to search for just the perfect yellows for all of you who are currently color deprived in your environments.

What a beautiful yellow bouquet with a touch of red and deep blue on a ground of green. Makes my heart sing.
A sure sign of spring.

I was also motivated by Jude’s posting of beautiful lemons for this month’s Life in Colour: Yellow.

18 thoughts on “Sunshine For All My Northern Friends

  1. How cheerful and sunny! We have some spring flowers emerging now in London but today is grey so these vibrant colours are really welcome. The flower you call a Michigan Tulip looks like what we would call a narcissus, or even (probably incorrectly) a daffodil. Our tulips are very different šŸ™‚


    • LOL You are so right, Sarah. A Michigan tulip (actually photographed in Michigan) looks just like a Holland tulip (many of them come from Holland). My goof.


    • It is my pleasure to brighten your day, Donna. I remember those days when the world looks so monochromatic – and sometimes it is my mood that is monochromatic. šŸ™‚


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