One Word Sunday: Feelings

Sweet Water Strand, Florida Everglades

I was looking for calm and quiet – I found it. You may register other feelings at the 25-30 alligators we observed along and in the road.

Taken on Loop Road (off U.S. 41- Tamiami Trail) in the Big Cypress National Park.

One Word Sunday: Feeling

17 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Feelings

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    • That’s a smaller alligator – more photos coming soon. No sheep here because it is subtropical and way to hot for them. Besides, the wildlife would have them for dinner. But I have seen them in Scotland, England and Ireland. And we have some in Michigan, up north where we spend our summers.

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  2. Nice photos. I am not familiar with many of the US road signs. What are the posts with the yellow rectangles along the side of the road? And they only go one way, the way you are going… mmmmnn


    • They are only to mark the side of the road because there are no curbs or other barriers to keep people from driving into the shallow water on each side. It can be foggy here and there are residences at the far end of the road so it could be used at night.

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