Up Close from Florida

We drove to Florida last week-end, staying out one night and eating all our meals from our stash of food in our car. I was nervous about the drive but felt safe except when we had to purchase gasoline. We are taking the same safety precautions we took while in Michigan – except we can go outdoors and see friends from a distance.

Tuesday morning I was off to the Naples Botanical Garden – with a reservation for 8:00 am member early entry for me and my son & daughter-in-law. The humidity was really high with some light fog so there were beads of water along the edges of the flowers, along spider webs and large drops of water falling off trees. There were only a few members walking their dogs so my tripod didn’t get in anyone’s way as I focused on some of the flowers. This camellia caught my eye early in my walk, and I was excited to see a lot of buds so there will be more flowers on future visits.

I think I use up-close photography more often to show the beauty and personality of plants and critters than showcasing the minute details. But both are important to me and I am beginning to think about when it works better to take a few steps back for a more inclusive image.

I’m not a big bug lover (neither big on liking them nor liking big bugs) but close-ups sometimes gives me a greater appreciation for their complexity. I’m not sure the little critter below is a moth staying out late (9 in the morning) or a butterfly that looks a lot like a moth. Maybe one of you will educated me.

This last close-up is of rice, taken a year ago. The Botanical Garden grows rice in small paddies in the Asian Garden but also in big, round planters on the boardwalk through the lily garden. I have been trying for several years to capture their beauty and personality and this is the best so far. I will try some more this year. It is so nice to have such a photogenic place to go week after week, year after year. It definitely keeps my spirits up!

I am connecting this post with Becky’s “square-up” month that is just about to end. Kind of like a “last call-up.”

15 thoughts on “Up Close from Florida

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    • Thanks for the info on the butterfly. If we didn’t have a home here I wouldn’t have traveled. Not going anywhere around people here is as safe as not going anywhere around people up north. The difference is that I have options that are safe here that I don’t have in winter in Michigan.

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  2. Sounds like you made the leap back to your winter place safely. I’m wondering if the change in semi-permanent residency affects your ‘place in line’ for vaccination shots?
    The Camellias are gorgeous!


  3. Wow your photos are incredible, Pat! It’s going to be a very long time before we see any signs of spring flowers here in Sligo and that’s why I enjoyed your flower photos so much. I’m glad to hear you had a chance to visit Florida. Our lockdown has been extended for another six weeks which seems quite a lot by now, and we can only dream about going to places. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


    • We live in Florida during the winter because of health. We will be here for close to three months. It is scary for us to travel here and people don’t wear masks as much in our southern community – but we wear masks and stay distanced from people when we go out. My mental health is much better here because we can be outdoors and there is so much sunshine. Also my body has less pain when I’m not in freezing weather.

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  4. I make an exception for butterflies, moths and ladybirds…oh, and dragonflies are gorgeous, but no, I’m not a bug person either. 🙂 🙂 Gorgeous Camellias! Fabulous to be able to escape to see them.

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