UP Under Bananas

How bananas grow continues to intrigue me. I did a search so I could use the correct names for each part of the banana flower but unsuccessful – even though I learned a whole lot. So without correct botanical names, I love how bananas grow from very tiny stamens (?) under the large purple petals (?). What I did find out is that these baby bananas are the female flowers. I have been told that there are bananas ripening outside my kitchen window in Florida – just waiting for us to arrive. We have had a hard time learning how to best get them to ripen, so I would like to get there to try putting an apple with them in a brown paper bag. It seems like apples give off a gas that promotes ripening.

This post is brought to you by Becky’s “SquareUp” photography challenge for January.

21 thoughts on “UP Under Bananas

  1. Love the photo! I had a banana tree in Tampa once upon a time and could never get the bananas to ripen either but I never took the time to figure out why. I do know now that bananas perform best in moist fertile soil. Florida has such a sandy soil which means they have to be fertilized many times a year. Here is an article put out by the University of Florida that might help. I guess you would need to know the variety of your tree too. 🙂 Hope this helps!


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  3. The flowers are amazing! I thought they ripened naturally? I know the ones I buy locally ripen fast even if they’re very green when I buy them. I believe you have to keep them away from other fruits because they hasten the ripening. Or have I got it all wrong? 😦 😦


    • I am finding that the ones growing outside, ripening naturally are different then the ones we buy. I read that the ones we buy have been transported and stored in special environment and treated I believe treated with gases to keep them from ripening too fast. The ones that are growing in Florida are very slow to ripen and once they start getting a little yellow they are getting over-ripe for our tastes. A light green banana is at peak.


  4. How exciting to be able to pick your own bananas. I have never lived anywhere i could, although I have been hiking in Madeira and been able to pick them as we walked


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